You accommodation comes with

a High speed wifi internet
a Daily continental breakfast
a Large parking
a Luggage storage

Good to know about the caves

All the caves in Santorini are man-made caves, simply holes dug into the ground. Santorini is a volcano and earthquakes can happen. Therefore digging houses into the ground has been always safer than just building a structures on the ground. 

– Our caves have windows or a door with a window at the front. 

– They preserve natural temperature, which means cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

– They are naturally humid and therefor every room has its own dehumidifier and an a/c unit to combat unwanted humidity.

Moreover we love restoring old and collecting interesting items and therefor the design of every cave is very unique and homespun. 

Where to start, Caveland is my home from home. I've been there twice over the course of 4 months and would live there if I could. The hostel has a chilled, boho-chic vibe - each room has it's own unique decor which makes it fabulous. I've made friends for life at Caveland and it holds a special place in my heart.


Great value for money and breakfast is included which is delicious. The facilities and the environment is beautiful and so well set out which makes it super easy to make friends! I loved every minute here, definitely recommend!!


The rooms are super spacious, the beds comfy, the bathrooms clean, the pool and the garden amazing, the breakfast delicious. It's also big enough so that it can be a social atmosphere or a quiet one depending on your preference. But the highlight is really Caveland's team who's the most helpful and adorable people I've ever met.